I am Puneri Pundit. Born and brought up in core Pune, I am representative of the Punekar’s or Puneri as they are known. (There is additional sarcasm in a Puneri than a Punekar). This may reflect in some of my blog posts. But the other attribute of us, citizens of Pune is that we are very opinionated folks. We can literally talk about any topic with confidence ;). This also you may find in my English and Marathi blogs.
For my work, I am a software professional and I write about technology in a separate blog. The reason for creating three separate blogs is to manage the context for the readers. Anyone visiting the blog should find relevant content in the feed and that would save effort as well keep interest. Hope you would like the content on the site. Do not hesitate to give comments and feedback.

मी पुणेरी पंडीत. पक्का पुणेरी (नुसता पुणेकर नाही) त्यामुळे मला अनेक बाबतीत मते आहेत. ती कुठेतरी टाकावीत व लोकांस उपकृत करावे या भुमिकेतून हा सगळा खटाटोप केला नसून अनेकदा लोक मनातील विचार बोलतात पण नंतर त्यावर काही होत नाही. तेंव्हा जरा टिकाऊ माध्यम म्हणून हा पदरमोड करून केलेला खटाटोप. तुमची मते जरूर टाका.

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